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Legal Notice

In compliance with the Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic commerce in Spain, we indicate the data of the general information of our web site ecp-carparks.com:

Asoparking, S.L. with CIF: B93148856
Fiscal Direction
Avda. Portales del Peñón 29130 Alhaurín de la Torre (Zapata) - MÁLAGA
+34 952 240 060

Condition General of Recruiting

The company is not responsible for objects left inside vehicles, except in the case they are deposited to the Management.
The deposited vehicles will be able to be moved by the operatives of Ecp Car Parks (in follow ECP) according to parking needs, organization and services. This movement, except for expressed instruction by the client, will be restricted to the interior of the facilities of ECP. For this reason, the client will deposit the keys of the vehicle to Parking Management, in accordance to our responsibilities. Otherwise, the Management takes no responsibility for possible damages or accidents that the vehicle could suffer.
The deposited vehicles are guaranteed against theft or fire in correspondence of civil liability insurance policies contracted by our company. These conditions are guaranteed and are applied and respected by these insurance policies.
In cases of long-term contracts (starting from six concerted months previously), the policies will apply whenever the client indicates it explicitly at least 15 days in advance of date of contract expiration. Otherwise, if the vehicle is not retrieved, normal rates will apply.  

All complaints will be attended to before leaving the parking enclosure. Later complaints will not be attended to.

Terms of use of the site

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1º In conformance with the applicable sections of law, the Users are entitled to access and rectify the personal data that concern them, by going to info@ecp-carparks.com where ECP is the exclusive receiver of this information. The data acquired in the questionnaires on our web page ecp-carparks.com are confidential.

2º The technology Cookie we use tracks IP, ECP consents to other information (Non-specific" "Information). To date, the Non-specific Information that we have gathered consists of information on the browser, the computer type, its operating systems, its service-provider of Internet and other similar information. The Information is only used by us or the operators of our staff, in order to know what are the favourite areas of our sites, what technology is used, etc. and to constantly improve our sites.
When appropriate, we reveal information of a statistic nature, however, we never share personal information of our users.
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3º It is forbidden for Users to violate or try to violate the security of the site ecp-carparks.com, including, without limitation:
(a) to have access to data that is not submitted for that user or to have access to the server or account that the user is not authorized to access. 
(b) to Sample or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to violate safety measures or authentication without the due authorization.
(c) to Send E-mails not requested, in massive form, to other Users.
The violation of these Security Rules can result liabilities of at penal and/or civil nature. ECP will be able to investigate the facts that such violations and cooperate with the authorities in relation to wrongdoings against the Users involved.  
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